ARC Financial Services, Inc. provides unique, value-added resources and financial solutions for todayís business entities. Established in 1987, ARC Financial Services, Inc (ARC) has provided corporate finance services to a variety of businesses. Initially, the company started out in equipment leasing and loans; but based on the extensive financial backgrounds of the key employees and the requests of clients, it quickly expanded into a full-service corporate financing resource.

Corporate Finance

ARCís primary goal in corporate finance is to secure qualified borrowers financing for transactions ranging in size from $500 thousand to $75 million. We are strategically positioned within the corporate finance community, which allows us to offer our clients the most favorable rates and terms. Please view our Corporate Finance site for more detailed information.

Equipment Leasing/Loans

ARC provides simple leasing and financing of business and professional equipment from $5,000 to $5,000,000 at very competitive rates. We deal with established businesses (2 years plus) and can provide complete support to our clients. Please view our Equipment Leasing/Loan site for more detailed information.

Business Philosophy

ARCís business philosophy is to adhere to the highest standards. We offer our clients, directly through our management and our industry contacts, the knowledge that they are working with a team of highly qualified professionals.